Is The Lagun Table Leg Worth it?

So, is the Lagun Table worth it? Retailing for £158 it’s a pretty hefty investment for a table leg. The pretty large price tag may put a lot of people off of this product, especially people who are new to renovating vans / campers. In our opinion, this is so much more than just a table leg, it swings, locks, raises and so much more. So long story short. Yes! We would definitely say that the Lagun Table Leg System is worth it. Keep reading to find out all about how it works and why we think it’s so great.

The Lagun Table leg does not come with a table top. Check out the post below to find out how to design a table top shape / size to fit your space perfectly.

Lagun Table Top Design

What Is A Lagun Table Leg?

The Lagun table system is essentially a swivel table leg that pivots from two separate points. This means that your tabletop can be manovereved in very versatile ways and have complete 360 rotation should you need it. The adaptability of the table leg allows the user to set up in a variety of different ways. The table leg is also designed so that it can easily be locked into position for travel. As well as table top rotation, the table leg can also be raised and lowered on its mounting plate so that is can be positioned wherever you need it.

How Does The Lagun Table Leg Work?

The diagrams below show how the lagun table leg system works. The diagram does not show the table top as it is not included with the table leg system. The diagram shows how the table swivels. The design of the table means is can swiftly be moved in any direction or simply pushed to the side. The small black locking handles mean you can lock the table in your chosen position or leave it to easily move around. This works well in small spaces where space to manouver around a rigid table is limited.

How To Install The Lagun Table Leg?

The installation process for the table leg is really quite simple. You must have a sturdy wall to fix the mounting plate to. Once the mounting place is securely fastened to the wall, slide the arm / leg into place and lock in position with the adjustment / locking handles.

What size is the Lagun Table Leg?

The standard leg of the Lagun Table system is around 54cm. However the total height of the table depends on how high you choose to mount the bracket to your wall. Alternatively, if this is not high enough, Lagun offers a taller leg measuring 70cm.

As for the size of the tabletop it is really up to you. That’s the beauty of this design, you can make your table top fit your space perfectly and the leg will make sure it swivels in the right positions. Lagun recommends a maximum size of 100 x 75cm.

lagun table leg (it is worth it)

Although incredibly versatile, there are limitations. The table leg can hold a maximum weight of around 22kgs, This includes the weight of the tabletop you choose to mount as well as everything you put on top of it.

Is it worth it?

As previously mentioned the Lagun Table Leg System Costs £158, which is pretty expensive for a table leg! Nonetheless we say YES! – It is worth it.

The quality of the leg is excellent and incredibly sturdy. The table leg does not compromise on strength, durability or versatility. The ability to swing the table out of the way to create more floor space is invaluable is a small van. Below shows a series of different ways we use our Lagun table in our van

lagun table legs system - multi-use

We wouldn’t be able to have such a versatile space without the use of a lagun table. For this reason alone we would say that the Lagun Table Leg system is definitely worth it! Other pros include:

  • The Leg is easy to remove from the bracket if you don’t always want a table is position
  • You can lock the table into position is a few seconds for transit
  • Legroom not compromised by table legs as table is fixed to wall
  • You can fit any table top to the Lagun leg so the design / look suits your van set up


When designing the layout of your van, the table is such an important feature to design thoughtfully. Whether it’s for working, dining or anything in between the table is the hub of your van and will be used daily. The Lagun Table Leg System is must-have mechanism for your van to make life 100x easier. We couldn’t recommend it enough. Anything that maximises space in a van is a real bonus and the Lagun Table is no different.

Feel free to ask us any questions regarding the installation of the Lagun table or anything table related in the comments section below.


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