8 Fantastic Campervan Table Styles to Inspire you

When in the design process of your campervan it is very important to think about which style of table will fit your space to maximise functionality. A table has so many uses – dining, working, preparing meals, playing games and so much more. There are so many different styles, mechanisms and shapes to choose from. A campervan is a tiny space, you need to implement creative ideas to maximise space without compromising on functionality.

We hope this list of table styles will help point you in the right direction as to what will suit your campervan best. We have included the benefits and flaws of each table style for you to compare and contrast.

Lagun Swivel Table

Lagun Swivel Table Style for campervan

Swivel tables are very common in campervans and RVs because they can help you maximise the small space you have. Our research found that the best table style for our van was the Lagun Table Leg System. This style of Table is particularly good if you need to position your table in different positions/angles for different uses. the diagram below shows how we position our Lagun Table for its many uses.

Check out the posts below which detail everything you need to know about the Lagun table as well as showing you how to design the best tabletop size and shape for your space.

Single Leg

Single Leg table style for campervan

The Single Leg table is a popular choice with layouts which include a dining area which turns into a bedroom. The table leg comes with a mounting plate which is permanently fixed to the floor of your van. The leg can simply be screwed into position and the tabletop mounted when the table is needed. A great Instructables article shows you how to assemble the image above on the right.

There are a couple of different options when it comes to the leg itself:

Fixed height

fixed height single table leg

The tabletop and fixed height table leg can simply be unscrewed from the mounting plate which is attached to the floor of the van. If the table is not always in use remember to create a suitable place to store the table top and leg.

height adjustable

height adjustable single table leg

The Height adjustable table leg is perfect for a bedroom by night – living room by day set up. The tabletop can be raised and lowered to get the table in the right position for when it is used as a dining table / used as part of the bed structure.

Hinged Extendable

hinged extendable table style for campervan

The extendable table style is very versatile as you can choose exactly how much of the table you want to use at any given time. This is a great option for a smaller vans that only occasionally need a large table. The best thing about this style is that you can use the table in a variety of its folded positions. By creating the table yourself you can customise the shape and size to suit the layout of your van perfectly.

Out and About Live have an excellent article detailing exactly how to make an extendable table top like the image above.

piano hinge for extendable table

To create this style of table for your campervan you will need strong metal piano hinges. These will need to span the whole width of your table top. If you cannot find hinges the perfect length you can purchase a longer piano hinge and cut it to your desired length with a saw.

Drawer Style Pull Out Table

'Pull Out' table style for cmpervan

The Pull Out table is one of the most popular styles of table to go with one of the most popular campervan layouts. With a fixed bed layout, the pull out table can fit seamlessly underneath the bed without taking up too much storage space. If using this style of table be sure that the seating area around the table is wide enough so nobody is trapped in their seat when the table is loaded. Ankeney Van Builds has a great video showing you how to make this style of table yourself.

heavy duty drawer slides

To create this style of table you will need heavy duty drawer slides. It’s important to make sure the slides have a locking mechanism so the table doesn’t slide out during transit. Also, remember to check the weight limit of the slides to ensure they can handle the weight of your tabletop as well as whatever you choose to put on it when it’s in use.

Wall Mounted flip up table

'Flip Up' table style for campervan

The Flip-Up table is a great space-saving style of table. This style of table is perfect if you only intend to use the table occasionally for work etc. We love the wall-mounted table pictured above created by We Who Roam. This style of table takes up quite a large amount of wall space, however, this may not be an issue for you, depending on the layout of your van.

collapsible table brackets

To create this style of table in your campervan you will need Collapsible table Brackets. Be sure to check the maximum load so that you can be sure that your bracket will be able to withstand the weight of your table top as well as anything you choose to put on the table.

Hanging Rope Table

Hanging rope table style for campervan

The Hanging Rope Table is an incredibly simple design which almost anyone could knock together pretty quickly. The table size is completely customisable so whether you’re looking for a large dining table or a small bedside table, this is an option for you. Fasten carabiner clips through the rope to hooks installed in the ceiling to mount the table. This style comes with pros and cons:


  • There is endless legroom beneath the table
  • It is straightforward to mount / remove the table using the hooks/clips
  • Very basic table to DIY
  • Inexpensive


  • The hanging ropes may restrict the uses of the table / get in the way.
  • Must store the table during transit
  • The table will have an element of movement when in use – may not be the most stable place for a glass of water.

Outdoor Pull Out Picnic Bench

outdoor pull out picnic table for campervan

One of our favourite styles of van table, is an outdoor pull out table. This style of table is fantastic if you plan on travelling around warm climates in your campervan and like to eat al fresco. The table slides into its stored position right below the bed so it does not take up too much storage space. Much like the indoor pull out table, this table requires heavy-duty drawer slides which lock into position. The only drawback of this design is that you need to be parked somewhere with a lot of room behind the van. It works best in scenic Wild Camping spots. If you want to pair the outdoor picnic table with matching picnic benches (pictured above) check out the post below.

Slide Out Picnic Benches

Outdoor Fold Away Picnic Table

fold away camping table styles

The simplest of all tables is the camping table. These are super easy to find online or at your local camping shop. They are available in a range of different sizes and styles to suit your needs. Lots of these camping tables fold up incredibly small to fit into your van. We particularly like the Roll Up Table which can fit into a small bag when disassembled. There are other cheaper Fold Up Tables available too which don’t fold down to such a small size. With this style of table, you will need to think about storage. Do you have enough storage space in your van to keep it when it is not in use?


Whether you’re looking to design the perfect table to fit your campervan or looking for a quick table to knock together there is an option out there for you! We hope looking through all of these table styles has given you some inspiration to find what will suit your needs perfectly.

If you have any questions feel free to leave us a comment, better yet, check out how we designed our table and why we think it’s the best!

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