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about us

We are Christie and Emily, two sisters who are constantly searching for all things fun, adventurous, and thrill-seeking. This led us to our ultimate challenge of renovating a van.

We have utilised all the skills from our university degrees (Product Design Engineering, and Marketing) to not only transform our van but document the entire process so you can achieve the same results, with a fraction of the stress.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to convert a van and start living the “vanlife” dream!

christie in van
emily in van

Van Build

Detailed step-by-step guides to help you build the van of your dreams.

van cost

A running total and breakdown of all expenses involved when building a van.

Van life

Tips, hacks, itineraries and epic road trips. Make the most of your time on the road!

the story of this pair go there...

In August 2020 we purchased an old work van. We had no experience building anything, but we were fueled by a dream to live on the road, and eager to learn everything we could. 

Unfortunately, we are perfectionists, so there would be no shortcut for us. We wanted quirky details, seamless curves, and a unique design that would simply knock your socks off. We were looking for the wow factor!

And quite frankly… we are yet to see a van that blows us away quite like our does (however, we may be biased)

This website was created to no only encourage people to start living their van life / travel dreams. But also offer practical guides and solutions to making their dream become a reality.

When we were converting our van there was a significant lack of reliable information online, and an excessive amount of misinformation (especially on YouTube). Not only can this be frustrating, but also extremely dangerous. All of our instructional posts have not only been researched thoroughly, we only speak of the process that we actually undertook when converting our own van. We do NOT speak on subjects we are not 100% confident about, so you can rest assured that our advice is sound.

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Love : Musicals, Cirque du Soleil, deep quoting niche SNL skits, thin dogs, occasional embroidery

Hate : Sharks

Mild goth aesthetic coming soon.


Love : Rom coms, Las Vegas, rollercoasters, breakfast buffets, crying at movies, 

Hate : Vegetables

Forever contemplating cutting a fringe. 


Love: Musicals, Cirque du Soleil, quoting niche SNL skits, thin dogs, embroidery

Hate: Sharks


Love : Rom coms, Las Vegas, rollercoasters, breakfast buffets, crying at movies, 

Hate : Vegetables

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