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Ultimate 1 week Spanish Road Trip from Madrid

This Central Spain Road Trip Itinerary starting in Madrid is sure to hit all the hotspots and take you to a few of the hidden gems found in this region.

This road trip assumes you are flying in and out of Madrid. Obviously, this is just a rough guide and can be condensed or lengthened to suit your particular trip

Day 1 & 2 – Madrid road trip

The first couple of days of this road trip will be used to primarily get your bearing in Madrid and hire a car.

For this reason, we recommend staying in Madrid. Enjoy what this fantastic city has to offer before gallivanting off on this 1-week road trip of Spain from Madrid.

Madrid is the Capital of Spain. Its unique style and opulence really make a statement. Central Madrid is defined by its historic architecture and sprawling boulevards.

image collage of Madrid. Including images of Retiro Park, and more. 
All this and more can be discover on a Madrid road trip

Things to do

Walking Tour

The best way to get your bearings in a new city is to get about and start exploring. Whether you prefer a self-guided tour or a more formal tour, you will find something in Madrid to suit your needs.

We recommend exploring Madrid with a local as they will have an abundance of local knowledge that you won’t find online.

Sights not to be missed include:

  • The Royal Palace.
  • Mercado San Miguel.
  • National Archaeological Museum.
  • Plaza Mayor.
  • Puerta del Sol.
  • Gran Vía.

Make sure you were sensible shoes as Madrid is quite a sprawling city. You will be exceeding 10,00 steps daily with ease!

Retiro Park

Retiro Park is one of the best places in the city to take a break from the hustle and bustle. What could be better than relaxing in the sun and watching the boats bob around on the water? Well, maybe being in one of the boats! But that will cost you – €8 to be exact!

Fun fact: Retiro Park became part of a combined UNESCO World Heritage Site with Paseo del Prado.


Madrid has an eclectic mix of nightlife options. Whether you are looking for a classy evening sipping on decadent cocktails, or a night of headbanging, you will be catered for.

If you are like us, a pub crawl is a perfect option to make friends and discover what the city has to offer. Try this one if you are looking for a solid, well-rounded night out!

Whilst in Madrid make sure to check out these amazing bars/clubs:

  • Kapital – This icon of Madrid clubs boasts seven floors of top-notch music, entertainment, and atmosphere. Each floor has its own unique style and genre of music!
  • El Sol – This venue has been on the go since the 1970s and is known for its live music. El Sol is a living piece of history in Madrid, a place to discover new artists and move your body all night long
  • Salmón Guru – This award-winning cocktail bar is one that shouldn’t be missed. The decor is inspired by the 1960s and is extremely aesthetic. It is the perfect place to relax with friends and snap a cheeky Instagram photo!
  • Terraza de Sabatini – One of the best rooftop bars in Madrid offering panoramic views of the Royal Palace of Madrid and Monte el Pardo. It really is the best place to watch the sunset over the city.

Where to stay in Madrid

Campervan / Motorhome

If you are traveling by campervan we recommend staying here.

Madrid is a big city that is well connected by the metro. The parking spot we recommend utilises the metro. Located near the La Almudena metro station, you can park in a largely unused carpark.

This parking spot was not scenic, but it couldn’t be beaten when it comes to convenience.


Budget – Axel Hotel Madrid – Adults Only

  • 4 stars
  • from £89 per night
  • city centre location – 600m plaza mayor
  • rooftop terrace and pool with city views
  • free toiletries, bathrobes, and a hairdryer.

Boujee – Gran Hotel Inglés

  • 5 stars
  • from £384 per night
  • city centre location
  • art deco style
  • 19th Century building
  • fitness center and pool

Day 3. – Segovia

90km from Madrid (1hr drive)

Segovia is the epitome of old-worldly picturesque towns. It is a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of city life in Madrid. This sleepy town is home to some of the most impressive historical infrastructure and architecture in Spain – making it no surprise that it has been awarded UNESCO heritage status.

image collage of Segovia

Things to do

Top 5 Things to do in Segovia

Roman Aquaduct

Arguably the most impressive structure in Segovia is the striking aqueduct that flows through the heart of the city. It can be found in Plaza Del Azoguejo, surrounded by cafes and restaurants.


This castle rising out of a rugged crag looms over Segovia. It has a fairytale-like appearance making it one of the most picturesque places in not only Segovia but the whole of Spain. This medieval castle has a rich history and has served many purposes over the years. Alcazar also has perhaps the best viewpoint of the city, offering uninterrupted panoramic views of Segovia. You can even go inside for the small price of 6€. To find out more click here.

Where to stay

Campervan/ Motorhome

There is a small Aire next to the old bullring which is the best place to park for ease of access to the city. It is a 20-minute walk to the city centre. It even has grey, black, and freshwater facilities. Best of all, it is free! Unfortunately, you may only stay a maximum of 72 hours.

If staying here, do not attempt to cycle into the center to Segovia as the route is predominately cobble – making it a tricky journey!

Where to park overnight in Segovia


Budget – Hotel San Antonio el Real

  • 4 stars
  • from £66 per night
  • 1.4km to city centre
  • converted monastery
  • located next to the iconic Roman Aquaduct

Boujee – Áurea Convento Capuchinos by Eurostars Hotel Company

  • 5 stars
  • from £101 per night
  • 200m from city centre
  • converted monastery
  • spa with Turkish baths

Day 4 – Avila

65km from Segovia (50-minute drive)

Àvila is a stunning medieval city, dominated by its historic city walls. Unsurprisingly, there is much more to Avila than its protective walls. Avila’s other claim to fame is that it has the highest number of Romanesque and Gothic churches per capita in Spain. Impressive, right?

image collage of Avila

Things to do

Explore the Walls of Avila

When going to Avila it’s hard to miss the imposing Medieval walls. These walls were constructed in the 11th Century and have been remarkably well preserved. They stretch 1.5 miles around the old town of Avila with over 80 towers and 9 gates.

If you want to get up close and personal with the walls, you can actually climb them and get a great view of the city. This excursion costs 4€.

Discover the old town.

Not only are the walls extremely well preserved, but so is the old town held within them. Allow Avila to transport you back in time as you enter the walled city and discover this amazing town. It really is no surprise that Avila is UNESCO listed. This is due to its sheer historic importance.

Where to stay

Campervan/ Motorhome

Avila has many great little spots to wild camp outwith the city, however, we opted to stay at a campsite. We chose to stay at this campsite as it was extremely centrally located, cheap, and we were in desperate need of electricity… and doing some van chores!

To find out more click the link below.

Where to park overnight in Avila (campsite)


Budget – Hotel Puerta de la Santa

  • 2 stars
  • from £44 per night
  • 450m to city centre
  • clean and simple
  • views over the Amblés Valley, city walls, and Gredos Mountains.

Boujee – La Casa del Presidente

  • 5 stars
  • from £140 per night
  • 500m from city centre
  • This building was the house of the First President of Democracy
  • beautiful grounds and outdoor pool

Day 5 & 6 – Toledo

133km from Avila (1hr 45min drive)

Toledo’s unique blend of culture, religion, art, and architecture makes it stand out from all the other fascinating cities in Spain. It really imprints on you. Toledo’s well-preserved medieval layout is one of the many reasons that this city has been awarded UNESCO heritage status.

Despite being small, we recommend staying in Toledo for two days. There is so much to discover and learn in Toledo that it is worth giving yourself enough time to fall in love with this city!

image collage of toledo

Things to do

Top 5 Things to do in Toledo

Visit a museum

One of the best experiences we had in Toledo was visiting Museo Cromática – and not just because we loved the exhibits on display. Included in the price of admission is a cocktail – the best cocktails we had during the entirety of the three months we spent in Spain – perhaps even our entire lives! We 10/10 recommend this museum.

Walking Tour

There is so much to see in Toledo, a lot of which is rooted in history and has great significance. A self-guided tour does not do this city justice. There are plenty of walking tours available at a reasonable price. Or perhaps you want something a little more personal, so why not try a private tour by a local? 

This post has some great ideas to keep you busy for 2 days – and then some!

Where to stay

Campervan/ Motorhome

Toledo caters reasonably well to van lifers looking to park up overnight near the ancient walled city.

There is an extremely flat car park located on the outskirts of the city with a path leading directly into the centre of Toledo via the San Martín bridge. The walk from the car park takes 5-minutes, (most of it uphill)!

Where to wild camp in Toledo


Budget – Hotel San Juan de los Reyes

  • 4 stars
  • from £59 per night
  • 600m to city centre
  • 19th Century converted flourmill
  • located in the Jewish Quarters
  • original decor and design

Boujee –Hotel Boutique Cigarral de las Mercedes

  • 4 stars
  • from £163 per night
  • 2.4km from city centre
  • each room has a private terrace with garden or lake views
  • manicured grounds and swimming pool

Day 7 – Madrid

75km from Toledo (1hr drive)

Unfortunately, this brings an end to this amazing central Spain road trip. We have left this last day completely free to give you ample time to return your hire vehicle, catch a flight, or do whatever else you may need to do.

Obviously, if you are in no immediate rush to finish this trip, you can always tick off a few of the things we have allocated to days 1 & 2 in Madrid. Failing that, there really is no better city to simply spend a day hopping between bars, coffee shops, and restaurants and watching the day go by.

This mini Spanish road trip from Madrid is perhaps our favourite in Spain. Madrid and the surrounding region is often overlooked as people tend to favour the sandy Mediterranean beaches and flashy coastal cities to inland areas. This central region of Spain is unbelievably condensed making it the perfect road trip destination. The drives are not too extensive and each stop can hold its own.

If this post has whet your appetite for a Spanish road trip – make sure you check out our Epic Spanish Road trip which encompasses the whole of Spain. It has been specifically curated so you don’t miss anything this amazing country has to offer.

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