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View from the campsite in Avila

Best campsite to stay at when visiting Àvila

Avila is a stunning city rooted in historical relevance. The medieval city walls are only one of the many reasons you should visit Avila. It really is no surprise to learn that Àvila is UNESCO listed! When visiting Avila we recommend staying in this small campsite just outside the city walls – APARKAREA

This basic campsite is the perfect place to do all your necessary van life chores whilst being treated to the view of the city walls. The view makes emptying the toilet a little more pleasant!

The campsite is predominantly unmanned, and as a result you are required to book in and pay online. This will give you access to the campsite via a passcode. The lack of personnel is reflected in the price. It is extremely budget-friendly starting 11€ per night (additional 4€ for electricity). Furthermore, showers, wifi, water, and dumping are all included in the price. It will cost you extra if you wish to use their van washing or the laundry facilities. 

Although it is essentially just a gravel car park with no charm, this campsite in Àvila is extremely well kept and clean, making it a joy to stay in. Also, all of the parking spots are have plenty of room and are perfectly level.

Although there are a few free wild camping spots surrounding Àvila, this campsite couldn’t be beaten due to its proximity to the city and excellent clean services.

Image collage of the campsite located just outside the city walls of Avila - APARKAREA


M76V+RQR Ávila‎, Spain

40.662100, -4.705610


11€ base rate

+6€ for electricity

+4€ washing machine

+3€ tumble dryer



(and showers)


Yes, fresh, grey, and black



signal / 4G

Good 4G and signal.

If you have any questions regarding where to park overnight in Àvila…or Spain in general don’t hesitate to comment down below. 

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