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Where to wild camp near Rijeka | Croatia

Rijeka is one of the largest cities in the north of Croatia and is also playfully known as a gateway to Croatia’s Islands. However, there is so much more to this city than its convenient location, it is home to the Croatian National Theatre, with roof paintings done by the renowned artist Gustav Klint, and so much more. A day trip here should be on your bucket list. Much like every city ever, parking a van is challenging, especially the closer you get to the city center. The spot we discuss in this post to wild camp on is absolutely perfect for a quick trip (or extended trip) to Rijeka.

This spot is absolutely perfect for access to the city center, the castle, and also a quiet night’s sleep away from the crowds. It also felt extremely safe, probably due to how far removed it felt from the center despite being within walking distance.

This spot to wild camp in Rijeka is located on top of a hill a mere 5-Minute walk to the castle (the best place to watch the sunset over the city). It is a gravel car park that has absolutely no services such as bins or water.  However, that is not to be expected from a free spot in a city. 

The beauty of this spot is how far removed it feels from the city, despite only being a 30-minute walk away. The car park was so empty that we were able to play a game of badminton in it undisturbed. 

We stayed here for 2 nights and found it to be extremely convent. 

A collage of images from Rijeka. Including one from a place to wild camp for free near the center of Rijeka


51000, Rijeka, Croatia

45.328260, -14.458550








Yes, there are a few within 100m.

signal / 4G

Good 4G and signal.

If you have any questions regarding where to park overnight in Rijeka… or Croatia in general don’t hesitate to comment down below. 

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