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Where to wild camp in Vrbnik, Krk | Croatia

This small village located on the east side of Krk island is one not to be missed. Its unique charm, stunning beaches, and unusual quirks make it extremely special. And the best thing about Vrbnik is that you can enjoy a free waterfront spot to wild camp (in the off-season)! 

This spot is beside the small harbour. There is a carpark there with approximately 10 spaces, there are also a few parking spaces that run alongside the harbour – these spaces are much flatter and therefore better if you intend on sleeping here. 

There are small bins here to dispose of litter, but not to take your trash out to. There are also picnic benches that look out to the sea, these can be busy at times. 

One thing to note is that although there are no signs specifically saying no campervans (and yes, we know wild camping is illegal in Croatia) we did feel a bit big. We felt like we were taking up a bit too much room despite fitting within the parking space boundaries.  We wouldn’t recommend any van longer than 6m attempt to park here.

This spot to wild camp is perfect for exploring Vrbnik, however, we do not recommend staying longer than 24hrs. Although it’s worth coming here even just for 24hrs. 

Finally, as we mentioned above, this spot is only free during the off season. During summer, you must buy a parking ticket to stay here. We stayed here in late April and there was no parking ticket system enforced at this time.

A collage of image from Vrbnik. Including a view for the spot where you can wild camp for free in Vrbnik


Ul. Braće Trinajstić 39, 51516, Vrbnik, Croatia

45.077640, 14.672300








Yes, there are a few small bins dotted around the carpark. No recycling.

signal / 4G

Good 4G and signal.

If you have any questions regarding where to park overnight in Vrbnik, or on the island of Krk, or even just Croatia in general don’t hesitate to comment down below. 
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  1. Looking for somewhere to park up a 5.9 metre campervan near to Punat for one week while we go sailing with friends from Punat in September.
    Marina carpark very expensive – any suggestions for somewhere reasonable would be very welcome.
    Thank you.

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