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Where to park overnight in Skelbo

Skelbo is a little bit off the beaten track (or should I say the NC500). This detour will lead you through Dornoch and then to the somewhat remote Skelbo park up. 

This parking spot is extra special as you have a spectacular view of seals basking on the sandbank on Loch Fleet. The scenery here is second to none. Some seals are no more than 30m from your van. Be sure to bring binoculars for the best view. 

You can also explore the ruins of a 14th Century castle too! This is only a 5 minute walk from where you can park! The view from the castle is incredible, not only do you get a brilliant view of the seals, the mountains in the background are equally breathtaking!

The park up location in Skelbo is stunning, however, it lacks amenities. Firstly, there are no local facilities within walking distance of the parking spot. Secondly, there are no toilets. Finally, although not technically an amenity, its worth mentioning that the parking spaces fill up quickly so make sure to get there early (before 6 pm). We recommend staying in the parking area that runs parallel to the road, rather than in the bay parking. This is because this spot gets a better view of the seals.

Lastly, despite being on the roadside, this spot is surprisingly quiet and we would highly recommend it!!




Skelbo, Scotland

57.932942, -4.044925










signal / 4G

4 bars of signal

4G – however, unable to stream Netflix!

The view from the castle overlooking the sand banks where the seals perk. One of the places to park in visible along the edge of the water

If you have any questions regarding where to park in Skelbo… or Scotland in general don’t hesitate to comment down below. 

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This parking spot in Skelbo is one of Scotland's best-kept secrets! It overlooks Loch Fleet which is home to hundreds that seals bask on the sandbanks at low tide. It truly is a sight to be seen! This parking spot is free, what more could you want?


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  1. Thx for your great wild camping tip, enjoying Loch Fleet overnight stay as I write. Tide coming in with grey seals on the sand banks, magical, and beautiful evening sunlight reflected on the Loch towards the west 8.45pm 2nd June.

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