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Where to Park Overnight in Balintore

Balintore is a little, quaint fishing village. It is part of a trio of coastal villages known collectively as the Seaboard Villages.

Balintore was one of the most unexpectedly pleasant surprises of our tour of the NC500. It is slightly off the beaten track, but worth the extra miles! There are several car parks to choose from when selecting where to stay, we chose to stay in the one which directly overlooked the beach. The other options overlook the harbour and rocks. 

This beachfront park up provides top-notch views of an award-winning beach (I’m not sure which award it’s won, but it certainly looks well deserved)! This is the ideal spot for someone who is looking to enjoy some wild swimming (if you can handle the cold!) and some peaceful nights! 

There is also a mermaid sculpture to see here, it is known as the Mermaid of the North!



Balintore/ Shandwick, Scotland

57°45’03.4″N 3°55’05.5″W

IV20 1UU










signal / 4G

H+, unreliable and extremely slow.

2 bars of signal

An image of the harbour in Balintore, one of the places to park overlooks it.
An image of the Mermaid of the North in Balintore

If you have any questions regarding where to park in Balintore… or Scotland in general don’t hesitate to comment down below. 

Or why not check out all the great overnight parking places we have been to so far here!

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A complete review of facilities, views, signal, and more in Balintore. This spot is one of the most scenic, and peaceful on the NC500 route. So, is it worth staying a night here? We certainly think so! Vanlife | NC500 | Free places to park overnight in Scotland | Park for night | Free camping | where to park for free on the NC500 | Balintore | Seaboard Villages, Scotland | Mermaid of the North | East Coast of Scotland


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