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Where to park overnight in Bilbao, Spain

Bilbao is perhaps one of the most underrated cities in Spain. This stunning city is home to a plethora of shops, restaurants, and museums – most impressively, the undeniably gorgeous Guggenheim Museum.

Finding somewhere to park in a metropolitan area in Spain can be daunting as they often have a reputation for being somewhat unsafe. Although I’m certain the Bilbao is no different to the other large Spanish cities, we felt extremely comfortable spending 2 nights, and even leaving the van unattended for a full day in Bilbao.

The location of this spectacular park up is slightly removed from the city centre, however, it certainly boasts a panoramic view. The view not only captures the entire cite, but also positions the Guggenheim front and centre. It is essentially the perfect advertisement for Bilbao – and we were sold!

Unfortunately, this spot has almost no facilities nearby… except bins. So staying in this spot for more than a couple of days is not advised. Furthermore, the 4G signal was rather poor – so much so that Netflix buffered quite significantly.


Lezamako Trenbide Zaharreko Bidea, 48007 Bilbo, Bizkaia, Bilbao, Spain

43.272483, -2.925624









signal / 4G

poor “4G” 

Netflix buffered significantly

If you have any questions regarding where to park in Bilbao… or Spain in general don’t hesitate to comment down below. 

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A complete review of facilities, views, signal, and more at a stunning car park that allows overnight parking spot that overlooks the electric city of Bilbao, Northern Spain. This car park is undeniably scenic, but is it worth staying the night? We certainly think so! Vanlife | Paces to park overnight in Spain | Park for night | Wild camping | where to park in Spain | Bilbao | Cantabria | Wild camping in Spain | Free motorhome parking Spain



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