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Where to Park Overnight near Goriezo, Spain

This small campsite (Bidaivan Camper Park) near Goriezo is the perfect pitch if you are looking to spend some time between Santander and Bilbao. This budget-friendly, well-equipped campsite has everything you could ever want. It comes with standard facilities, such as water, hot showers, electrical hook up, and even washing facilities. Furthermore, it even has a swimming pool and a communal room to be enjoyed by all guests.

The owners of this campsite are truly wonderful people who go above and beyond to make your stay as enjoyable as possible – they even offered us freshly baked croissants in the morning and brought us an umbrella when we were filling up our water tank. Unparalleled hospitality.

Unfortunately, the only downside to this spot is that there isn’t much to do or see nearby. There is a nearby village, Goriezo, within a 5-minute walk, it has a couple of local shops and restaurants, but that is really it. However, if you are primarily looking for a nice campsite where you can run all your usual campervan errands and even take a dip in a pool – this spot is a winner! 

Montage of images of the Bidaivan camper park located just outside the small village of Goriezo


Bidaivan Camper Park, El Puente Cantabria, Spain

43.352613, -3.323572


€12 per night
€3 for electricy hook up
€1 for a hot shower
€4 for laundry







signal / 4G

good 4G

If you have any questions regarding where to park in Goriezo… or Spain in general don’t hesitate to comment down below. 

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