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Where to Park Overnight in Wick

Unfortunately, we found Wick to be one of the most disappointing stops on the NC500. We arrived on a Sunday evening and everything was closed – restaurants and all! However, Wick is a great place to park overnight if you are on the NC500, as there is plenty of local shops to replenish your food supplies!

This parking spot is right on the harbour’s edge therefore you are treated to uninterrupted spectacular views. The location of this place to park is also fantastic as you are just a short 10-minute walk to the centre of town. 

Unfortunately, it can get pretty loud as there is a considerable amount of road traffic that passes by in the morning. 

Although we wouldn’t necessarily recommend visiting Wick, we probably would recommend this place to park overnight!



Wick, Scotland

58.439587, -3.086206

Harbour Place, 









Nearby you will find a bin

signal / 4G

4G is reasonably reliable. Works well enough to stream movies without buffering.

If you have any questions regarding where to park in Wick… or Scotland in general don’t hesitate to comment down below. 

Or why not check out all the great overnight parking places we have been to so far here!

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The image is of the harbour in wick, with several sail boats in the foreground, and fishing vessels in the background. The title reads: Where to park over in Wick, Scotland.


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  1. Hi

    Is it possible to edit your post at all to advise travellers that Wick Harbour is private property and its not permissible to camp there as its a working and operational harbour? Thanks

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