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A collage of all the cheap hotels in las vegas central strip Includes: Harrahs, LinQ, Flamingo, and the Horseshoe

Best Cheap Hotels in Las Vegas 2023 (Central Strip)

For any newbie to Las Vegas, it can feel overwhelming trying to figure out where to stay. This is especially true of any self-proclaimed bargain hunters, as there are plenty of hotels to choose from. You will often find the cheapest hotels at the north end of the strip, or on Fremont Street. However, it’s useful to know that the centre of the strip is the place to be, and also where you will find the best “cheap” hotels in Las Vegas. The map below defines the area, which typically stretches from the Bellagio Fountains to the Venetian – 2 iconic (boujee) hotels on this Las Vegas Strip.

This part of the Las Vegas strip is action-packed. It is home to countless hotels (and casinos), zip lines, circuses, Gordon Ramsay’s Hells Kitchen restaurant, and even the world’s largest observation wheel – aptly named the High Roller. Not only is this area centrally located on the Strip, therefore, acting as a great basecamp, but each hotel has its unique charm and intrigue, whilst still being as budget-friendly as Vegas can be!

We will explore 4 “cheap” hotels on this stretch of the Las Vegas strip that offers all the amenities you could hope for on a shoestring budget!

The hotels we will analyse are:

  • Horseshoe (previously known as Ballys)
  • Flamingo
  • LinQ
  • Harrahs


Located extremely centrally on the strip you will be in the heart of all the action. Despite this property being slightly older it doesn’t feel tired in the slightest – probably due to the $125m renovation in 2018. Furthermore, there will be a further multi-million dollar renovation to the property associated with its rebranding to Horseshoe. This rebrand will initially affect the gaming floor, exterior, and other public areas, before addressing the recently refurbished rooms.

A collage of pictures of Ballys in Las vegas. It showcases a picture of the exterior, a room picture and a picture of the pool.


The Horseshoe brand is firmly rooted in bringing the best gambling to the customer – from no-limits poker to the biggest jackpots. If you are looking to spend time gambling, this cheap hotel on the Las Vegas strip could be perfect for you! Also, if you like poker, then it may interest you to know that the World Series of Poker is going to be held in the Horseshoe in 2023, pretty cool, right? It is also one of the only “cheap” hotels on the Las Vegas strip that has a designated poker room.


One thing that is slightly lacking at the Horseshoe is the pool. It is merely adequate. I wouldn’t consider this a reason to not choose the Horseshoe, however, if you are looking to spend a lot of time relaxing by the pool, or are looking for a pool party atmosphere, then you may wish to consider one of the other cheap hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. One redeeming quality of the swimming pool is that it has a deep end. You are not allowed to dive in, but it is unusual for a hotel pool to be so deep.


The rooms are finished to an extremely high standard. If you are lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of the Bellagio fountains from your room! Furthermore, the standard Bellagio room is one of the largest on the strip. So if you value space, you’ll love it here.


In terms of location, this hotel can’t be beaten. It has an on-site monorail station, a direct indoor walkway to Paris (the hotel, not the country… unfortunately), and bridges directly outside linking you to the Bellagio, the Cromwell and Caesars Palace. It even has a CVS a mere 100m away – perfect for stocking up on essential supplies… and alcohol!

Another great thing about this cheap hotel on the Las Vegas strip is that it doesn’t smell of smoke. Sure, you are still allowed to smoke on the gaming floor, but the smell isn’t all-encompassing like other casino floors. We believe this is due to the recent refurbishment and new carpeting throughout the ground floor.


  • Location, location, location.
  • The rooms are all to a high standard.
  • The pool has a deep end!
  • You may be able to see the Bellagio fountains from your room!
  • On-site monorail station.
  • Grand Bazaar Shops immediately outside.


  • The pool is small and not the most inviting.
  • Smallest casino on this list of budget hotels on the Vegas Strip.
  • Older Property.
  • No major flagship show on the property.

Why choose the Horseshoe hotel?

This hotel is the perfect hotel for anyone looking for convenience over experience. With instant access to so many hotels, you will feel like you are in the heart of the action. Plus, the rooms are really tasteful.

Who is the Horseshoe hotel for?

This hotel may be more suited to people who love poker and are not looking to party too hard. The clientele typically skews slightly older. Ultimately, the Horseshoe is for everyone, particularly the ultimate bargain hunter as the hotel is often the cheapest hotel in the centre of the strip.


The Flamingo is the oldest resort on the strip! Despite its considerable age and interesting history, it is easily one of the best budget hotels on offer. The pool area is particularly notable with a cascading waterfall, a waterslide, and even a 21+ beach club! The rooms have also been renovated to a good standard, with modern colourful decor. Finally, there is a small animal habitat that is completely free to enter, with over 80 flamingos, fish, and other birds, creating a nice and peaceful oasis on the strip!

A collage of pictures of The Flamingo in Las vegas. It showcases a picture of the exterior, a room picture and a picture of the pool with a cascading waterfall.


Of all the cheap hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, this one has the largest casino by quite a margin. It is fair to say the only thing that this casino is missing is a poker room. With over 130 table games and 1600+ slot machines, it is easy to keep yourself entertained here.


Without a doubt, the two pools at the Flamingo are one of this hotel’s best features.

The Flamingo beach club pool is the larger of the two and boasts a waterfall, a lagoon, and even a waterslide to keep kids (and adults) entertained.

The Go Pool is where you will find the party animals. Known for its infamous pool parties with the hottest DJ’s it really is a place like no other. You will find the cocktails flowing and the atmosphere pumping here. A true taste of Vegas!


There are 3 classifications of rooms in the Flamingo. the Go Room, the Fab Room, and the Flamingo Room. Without a doubt, select the Go Room. These rooms have been renovated much more recently and are finished to a high standard. There is very minimal difference in price between the classifications, so selecting a Go Room is a no-brainer.

One of the most unique types of rooms offered at the Flamingo is their bunk bed rooms or suites. These rooms can house. up to 8 people with prices typically starting at $289 per night. However, split between 8 people, it really is quite a bargain


Included in the resort fee you have access to the fitness centre in the Flamingo, furthermore, if you want a little bit of pampering during your time in Las Vegas, there is an on-site spa and beauty salon.

Another cool thing about the Flamingo is that it has 4 stations for charging electric vehicles.


  • Nicest pool out of all budget hotels on the Vegas Strip.
  • The pool has a slide! Enough said!
  • Most aesthetic rooms out of all budget hotels.
  • Direct access to the LinQ Promenade.
  • On-site Monorail station.
  • Free to view and explore animal habitats.


  • Older property.
  • Some rooms require a long walk just to get to them.
  • Not the largest casino.
  • The casino is a bit musky and smokey.

Why choose the Flamingo hotel?

This hotel not only has the nicest room decor but also has the best pool on this list. The Flamingo is perfect in summer when you will want to spend time splashing around in the desert heat. The pool alone is enough to declare the Flamingo as one of the best cheap hotels on the Las Vegas strip.

Who is the Flamingo hotel for?

This lively hotel is best suited to party animals. It is also widely recognised as one of the best LGBTQ+ hotels in Las Vegas.


The LinQ is a modern, exciting, youthful resort. Its unique styling attracts a younger crowd than the other resorts on this list. The casino area is one of the nicest, with a very sleek, modern design. The rooms, on the other hand, are modern but are decorated in a style that we wouldn’t consider appealing. The pool is also slightly disappointing as it is rather small and can get jam-packed during the peak season.

A collage of pictures of the LinQ in Las Vegas. It showcases a picture of the exterior, a room picture and a picture of the pool.


The LinQ has one of the smaller casinos on this list of cheap hotels on the Las Vegas strip, however, what it lacks in table games and slots it certainly makes up for in atmosphere. You will often find a lively craps table or inebriated people having a lot of fun here, making it one of the best places to gamble.

The LinQ also has a large sportsbook to enjoy.


As mentioned above the pool is disappointing. It’s small and lacks soul. It is also a 21+ pool, which means no kids are allowed! This could be good or bad for you depending on whether you are bringing children.

One thing the LinQ does have going for it is a pretty fun pool party in the summer led by a DJ.


The rooms are basic, clean, and modern. The decor is a little bit gaudy, but by no means terrible.

The unique thing about the LinQ is its sheer variety of room types. Several of which are somewhat unusual for a Las Vegas hotel… especially a cheap one. First and foremost, you can stay in a cabana room. This room type features an adjoining patio/cabana area directly on the pool deck. Feel like a VIP as you walk from your bed to your poolside daybed!

Much like the Flamingo, the LinQ also offers a bunk bedroom. This room sleeps 5 people and it is perfect for a small hen/stag (bachelor/bachelorette) group.


  • Modern interior, particularly the casino floor.
  • Youthful decor and design.
  • Younger crowd.
  • One of the best (and most affordable) spas on the Strip.
  • 21+ pool – no children, yay!
  • Great location.
  • Monorail Station.


  • Disappointing pool area.
  • Garish “art” in the rooms.
  • Older resort.
  • Smaller casino.

Why choose the LinQ hotel?

This hotel is situated smack bang on the increasingly popular LinQ Promenade which features numerous tourist attractions such as the High Roller.

Who is the LinQ hotel for?

This hotel is best suited to a younger crowd that loves partying. I don’t feel any guests over the age of 35 will appreciate their choice of decor, so I wouldn’t recommend this hotel if you are looking for a touch of class!


Although Harrahs is at the same price point and location as the hotels on this list, Harrahs failed to leave a lasting impression on us. The pool is a good size, and the rooms are finished to a nice standard but it just didn’t feel like the full package. The casino is very dingey and smokey which we personally considered a deterrent.

It is by no means a bad hotel, just a bit meh! There is a bar inside that features twin sisters on duelling pianos which draws a large crowd as it is a lot of fun the watch and has a really great atmosphere nightly. This was probably the highlight of the hotel for us.

A collage of pictures of Harrahs in Las Vegas. It showcases a picture of the exterior, a room picture and a picture of the pool.


Harrahs has the second largest casino on this list of cheap hotels in Las Vegas. However, where it lets itself down is how smokey and dated it appears compared to comparable hotels. It has a great range of slot machines to enjoy and even has a sportsbook.


The pool is modern, clean, and a good size – a standard Olympic-sized pool (50m) – so if you are looking to swim a few lengths, then Harrahs is the place for you! It is similar to the pool at the Horseshoe, somewhat basic and concrete, but perfect the perfect place to cool off from the desert heat!


The pools are a reasonable size, clean and modern. They are adequate across the board. However, it is important to note, that many rooms come without a mini fridge, which we consider to be essential, especially if visiting Las Vegas in summer.


  • Location
  • Recent $140m renovations
  • Piano bar


  • Dark and dingey casino
  • No fridge
  • Smokey

Why choose Harrahs hotel?

The location is good, if you want to spend more time nearer the north of the strip at the Venetian or the Wynn, this is the closest hotel.

Who is Harrahs hotel for?

This hotel is for an extreme bargain hunter who is happy with a modern and pleasant room with no desire to use the casino or pool area as they are underwhelming.

Or perhaps someone who has to go to a conference nearer the northern end of the strip.

So, what is the best cheap hotel in Las Vegas?

These budget hotels in Las Vegas offer you a little taste of luxury on a shoestring budget. So whatever your priorities or taste are, these hotels will have you covered. And anyway, who stays in their room long when there is so much to do and see in Las Vegas?

Our personal favourite hotels on this list are the Flamingo and Horseshoe. The Horseshoe is often the cheapest on this list despite it having some of the largest rooms and nicest decor. The Flamingo is our favourite pick if visiting in summer, as you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better pool.

Nevertheless, all the hotels mentioned are more than adequate places to base yourself in Las Vegas.

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Las Vegas is undeniably the best city in the world. Where anything is possible... for a price. However, this doesn't mean you need to spend a fortune on accommodation. With so many budget hotels to choose from it can be very overwhelming. This post not only establishes the best location on the strip, but also the best hotels at the best price!

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Finding somewhere to rest your head isn't too hard in Vegas, even if you are on a budget. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to spend a fortune to visit Las Vegas. There are plenty of budget hotels that not only are wallet-friendly but also boast a range of amenities that used to be exclusively at luxury hotels. These budget hotels certainly pack a mighty punch. Find out which budget hotel will best suit your needs. Las Vegas | Budget | Top 10 | USA | Review | Gambling | Sin City
Finding somewhere to rest your head isn't too hard in Vegas, even if you are on a budget. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to spend a fortune to visit Las Vegas. There are plenty of budget hotels that not only are wallet-friendly but also boast a range of amenities that used to be exclusively at luxury hotels. These budget hotels certainly pack a mighty punch. Find out which budget hotel will best suit your needs. Las Vegas | Budget | Top 10 | USA | Review | Gambling | Sin City


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