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Best Places to Eat in Las Vegas – For Fussy Eaters

Being a picky eater is hard work. Our diet is essentially exclusively filled with pizzas, burgers, chips (fries), and of course, sweets. Some call us fussy, personally, we consider ourselves to have a highly refined palate! This can make dining out a bit tricky, but certainly not impossible. Thankfully, Las Vegas is well equipped to feed us problematic folk and even has some of the best places to eat in the world. Period!


The Buffet Stations

Buffets are the ideal dining situation for any fussy eater. The ability to swerve vegetables makes it a natural choice for us.

Las Vegas is the holy grail of buffets with over 70 to choose from. However, they are not cheap, especially if you opt to dine at a 5-star hotel.

There is the option to buy a dining plan which gives you unlimited access to several buffets for 24 hours. However, it is typically not worth the price as your eats are often MUCH bigger than your belly!

Prices range from $30-70 depending on what buffet, what day, and what time you dine there. Weekday brunches are the cheapest option.

Notable mentions include:

However, the best buffet in Las Vegas (and probably the world) is undeniably The Buffet at the Wynn.

The Buffet at the Wynn

A look inside the Buffet at the Wynn in Las Vegas. Featuring bright colours, stunning floral displays and pristine interior design.

Have you ever seen a restaurant more divine and decadent? Towering topiaries and exquisite floral displays line the dining room. This opulent restaurant is an experience that can’t be missed! It’s easy to see why this is one of the best places to eat in Las Vegas.

Not to be outdone by the decor, the food is also top-notch. There are 120 dishes to choose from, including 15 live-action cooking stations, you will be spoilt for choice.

Note: there is a high probability you will have to queue as the buffet is always packed. You can pay for priority queuing which drastically cuts the time you spend waiting.


Located in the Wynn, you will find this restaurant tucked behind the casino floor.


The price ranges significantly depending on when you visit. Varying from £38.99 for a weekday breakfast to $64.99 for a weekend dinner.

Best Themed Restaurants

There are several restaurants in Las Vegas that provide some form of entertainment whilst you eat. These may not be to everyone’s taste, however, they really do make your meal memorable.

Dick’s Last Resort

Click here to see the menu

A collage of pictures of Dicks Las Resort Las Vegas. Including their logo, me wearing a paper hat and "Taco" the resident lap dancer wearing speedos!

Warning: you’ll need a strong stomach if you’re going to eat here.

This is not because of the food – which is delightfully simple and tasty, but because you will witness a gyrating, thrusting man performing lapdances on anyone lucky (or unlucky) enough to be celebrating a birthday!

Your food will be served with a side of insults and you will be branded with a white paper hat adorned with an offensive phrase.


Located in Excalibur Hotel, you will find Dicks Last Resort immediately on the left as you cruise in via the travelators from the front. There is also, another Dicks Last Resort located on Fremont Street.


Perhaps slightly overpriced, you can expect to pay between $18-40 for a main meal. However, it’s a bargain if you consider how much fun and laughter you will get out of the evening.

Heart Attack Grill

A collage of photos from the Heart Attack Grill in Downtown Las Vegas. Including a photo of their signature "octuple bypass burger" and a series of photos of our experience there donned in our hospital gowns!

The Heart Attack grill is another unique experience.

This restaurant celebrates all things fatty and overweight! So much so that you eat for free if you are over 350lb.

With a menu featuring a burger with eight patties, eight slices of cheese, and 40 pieces of bacon (dubbed the “Octuple Bypass Burger”). It’s no surprise that you are made to wear a hospital gown – you know, just in case!

Warning: Do not bite off more than you can chew (literally)!! You will be punished for not finishing your meal – this involves getting spanked by a waitress in the middle of the restaurant!

Fun Fact: their job application form is HILARIOUS, with questions including “was the American moon landing faked”, and “was there room for Jack on the raft?”! It speaks volumes about the type of people who work there! Click here to see it!


Located on Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas, you will find this restaurant very near the entrance to the Slotzilla zip line. It is easy to find as it has a giant set of scales outside!


The prices range acording to how many pattys you want in your burger. From $8 for a single, to $22 for a whopping 8 pattys!

Themed Restaurant Honourable Mentions

Other Notable Restaurants

(for picky eaters)

Battista’s Hole in the wall

Click here to see the menu

The sign from outside Battista's Hole in the Wall, Las Vegas. There is also an interior photo that shows the eclectic nature of the restaurant

Located just off the strip, this hidden gem is the best-kept secret in Las Vegas!

This Italian restaurant serves up a set menu, with the choice of about 20 main courses. These range from Italian classics like lasagne, to more American dishes such as a rib-eye steak. One thing is certain – you will be stuffed to the brim when you leave!

Undoubtedly, the most memorable part of your evening will be when Gordy, the adorable 4’11” accordion player makes his way through the restaurant filling the air with splendid melodies. Or perhaps, viewing the sprawling collection of miniatures scattered throughout the restaurant (probably the largest collection in the world)! This wildly unusual, eclectic, and eccentric restaurant is easily one of the best places to eat in Las Vegas!


Tucked behind the Flamingo hotel you will stumble across Battista’s Hole in the Wall. The easiest way to get there is by walking down East Flamingo Road between Ballys and The Cromwell, turn left when you approach the liquor and convenience stores. The restaurant will be immediately on your left.


This Italian restaurant serves up authentic food at an extremely reasonable price of $30-50 – this includes 3-courses, a cappuccino, and unlimited house wine!

Note: Book in advance as this restaurant is packed every night!

Greenberg’s Deli

A collage of photos from Greenberg's Deli in Las Vegas. Including a picture of the exterior, the menu and a couple of deep-filled sandwiches!

Specialising in sandwiches, the words deep-fill don’t do these towering stacks any justice. They have completely disregarded any “normal” sandwich ratio and the result is something special.

Each sandwich is served with a pickle – which is easily brushed to the side!

Where can I find it?

You can find Greenberg’s Deli in the “Greenwich Village” area within New York New York, on the strip.


For approximately $10-13 you can get your hands on one of these beauties!

JJ’s Boulangerie

An external picture of JJ's Boulangerie and a picture of the pizza selection that is on offer.

Despite being a “boulangerie” (bakery), this place is home to some pretty fine pizza.

This convenient restaurant/cafe is dine-in or takeaway, so no matter how much of a hurry you are in, they will cater to you.

The best thing about JJ’s Boulangerie is that it is open 24/7 making it the perfect destination after hitting the Vegas strip hard!


Located in Paris (the hotel, not the country – unfortunately), it is the perfect pit stop when your belly is rumbling. More specifically, you can find JJ’s Boulangerie in the walkway area between Paris and Ballys.


You can grab a slice of pizza and a drink for less than $10 – a steal, by Vegas standards!


Click here to see the menu

A picture of Giordano's signature Chicago style pizza pie and a picture of a "cheese pull" that is over 5 feet in length.

Giordano’s Chicago style pizza is unlike any other pizza you will ever taste. This loaded beast is a cheese lover’s heaven. At over an inch in-depth, this pizza closely resembles a pie!

Where can I find it?

Found in the Grand Bazaar shops outside Ballys, Giordano’s is located in the heart of the Vegas strip.


The Giordano’s menu has much more than just the delicious deep-dish pizza, however, for the purpose of this post I am only taking them into consideration. The price of one of these bad boys is from $18-35.

Las Vegas is home to some of the best places to eat in the world – whether you are a picky eater or not!

Finding restaurants that cater to our selective palates can be a challenge, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth in Vegas. You will never be further than 50m from a fast-food restaurant, which is reassuring for us insatiable fusspots!

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A comprehensive guide to where to eat in Las Vegas - especially if you are a fussy eater. Discover the best buffets, themed restaurants, and quick and easy food spots in Las Vegas. | Las Vegas | Las Vegas Restaurants | Where to eat in Las Vegas | Best restaurants in Las Vegas |
Being a picky eater is hard - especially when dining out. Our aversion to vegetables (or anything of nutritional value makes it tricky to find a suitably unhealthy restaurant. Las Vegas is the exception.
Being a picky eater is hard - especially when dining out. Our aversion to vegetables (or anything of nutritional value makes it tricky to find a suitably unhealthy restaurant. Las Vegas is the exception.


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