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aerial view of a spot to wild camp in Alicante

Where to wild camp near Alicante | Spain

Alicante is undeniably stunning and possesses a traditional Spanish charm that a lot of seaside resorts lack. However, finding somewhere safe to wild camp in the heart of Alicante is near impossible. Therefore we found that the best place to stay was slightly outside Alicante at this stunning beachfront spot.

With views that stretch for miles out across the Mediterranean Sea, it was an easy decision to park here for a night… or two. It is extremely level with bins located within the parking lot boundaries. It is a popular spot with several campers making it their home for the night when we visited in late February 2022. This appealed to us as we live by the mantra of safety in numbers when selecting where to stay.

This spot caters to all sizes of vehicles, including extra-large buses and motorhomes so it is ideal if you are rocking a larger rig! Also, this spot is perfect if you need to go to the airport as it is a mere 10-minute drive away.

Unfortunately, although this spot is perfect for spending your days relaxing on the beach it is not ideal if you are looking to explore the centre of Alicante as it is slightly out of the way. However, it is possible to reach Alicante by public transport.

One thing to note if you choose to wild camp at this spot in Alicante is that you will want to wash your vehicle after being here as it will be coated in salt directly from the sea which can create rust. That’s the price you’ll have to pay for a beachfront spot!


3008 Alicante, Spain

38.298340, -0.519600









signal / 4G

Good 4G and signal.

If you have any questions regarding where to park overnight in Alicante…or Spain in general don’t hesitate to comment down below. 

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