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Where to Park Overnight near Gairloch

If you are looking for a peaceful parking spot with spectacular views just outside Gairloch, then this is the spot for you! This lay-by has unreal views out over loch Bad an Sgalaig and the surrounding mountains. Better yet, is that it has great signal and internet connection! 

This spot is really quiet as it is somewhat in the “middle of nowhere” but don’t let that put you off as it is only a short drive to Gairloch which has plenty of things to do and see.

Although this spot is technically just a lay-by, it is reasonably far removed from the road, so road noise shouldn’t be an issue. Furthermore, the road has almost no traffic overnight! Result!


A832 lay-by east of Gairloch, Scotland

57.685487, -5.606076









signal / 4G

H+ Pretty fast and reliable

If you have any questions regarding where to park in Gairloch.. or Scotland in general don’t hesitate to comment down below. 

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A complete review of facilities, views, signal, and more at an overnight parking location near Gairloch. This spot is one of the most scenic, and peaceful on the NC500 route. So, is it worth staying a night here? We certainly think so! Vanlife | NC500 | Free places to park overnight in Scotland | Park for night | Free camping | where to park for free on the NC500 | Gairloch | Free Parking


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