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Where to park overnight near Cadiz | WIld Camping Spain

This parking spot is actually near the marina in the small town of El Puerto De Santa Maria located a few miles outside of Cadiz. This spot is the perfect parking if you want to relax, go to the beach, and maybe head into Cadiz the next day. Cadiz itself has very limited parking spaces, particularly for larger vehicles. It is possible to use public transport to get to Cadiz from the centre of El Puerto De Santa Maria.

This small park-up has room for approximately 12 campervans and is suitable for ANY size of vehicle. When we were there in February 2022, there were only a handful of people using the car park. However, of those who were using it, it seems to be favoured by those with huge RVs/ Overlanding Vehicles! The spots are very level and all look out to the sea.

The best thing about this park up is that it is only a short walk to a FREE shower (with hot water) and toilet! This can be found by the nearby marina.

This spot is very exposed which means that it is perfect for getting some solar power. Conversely, there is no shade in the Summer heat.

Finally, it is right next to a beach club… which we are sure would be a lot of fun if you are there when it’s open!


C. Puerto Serrano, 9, 11500 El Puerto de Sta María, Cádiz, Spain

36.583354, -6.250689





Yes, and shower

both a 5 minute walk for the parking spot





signal / 4G

good 4G

If you have any questions regarding where to park near Cadiz… or Spain in general don’t hesitate to comment down below. 

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A complete review of facilities, views, signal, and more at a stunning car park that allows overnight parking that looks out over the sea located near Cadiz, Spain. This car park is undeniably scenic, but is it worth staying the night? We certainly think so! Vanlife | Paces to park overnight in Spain | Park for night | Wild camping | where to park in Spain | Cadiz | Andalusia | Wild camping in Spain | Free motorhome parking Spain


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  1. Hey Ladies! Just wanted to say how impressive your Van Build is & how it’s so unique. Y’all r so blessed to have a Sister so close in age that u r friends with.
    Your travels look like your having lots of fun! Have u ever thought about starting a Youtube Channel? I bet u would have. many followers! Enjoy your travels & stay safe!

    1. Thank you for this kind comment! We hate the sound of our voice so would be a little apprehensive to start a YouTube channel! Maybe in the future 😀

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