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Is El Caminito Del Rey worth visiting?

El Caminito Del Rey (the King’s little path) is a boardwalk pinned to the cliff face of the El Chorro gorge. Suspended 100m off the ground it’s not hard to see why it has been called the most dangerous hike in the world!

El Caminito Del Rey was originally constructed to provide workers at the hydroelectric power plants at Chorro Falls and Gaitanejo Falls a means to cross between them. It has recently received a complete refurbishment, opening in 2015, making it safer than ever to hike!

Located a mere 60km inland of Malaga, it is perhaps the most adventurous day trip you can have in that region of Spain. However, it isn’t free, and is a reasonably long commute, so it begs the question, is El Caminito Del Rey Worth visiting?

A view over the boardwalks at Caminito Del Rey


Without a doubt, undeniably, unequivocally yes! Yes, it is worth visiting! It is located in one of the most scenic locations in Spain, and being able to walk along the boardwalk is just the cherry on top of the cake. It is truly spectacular.

Although this is not a free excursion, it is reasonably modestly priced at 10€ for a general admission ticket to the hike, and 18€ for a guided tour. Tickets can be bought here.

Thrill-seekers will particularly love this hike, even people who edge on the side of caution will find this hike fascinating and unmissable! However, if you are scared of heights, maybe El Caminito Del Rey is not for you.

The walk is by no means strenuous. It is surprisingly relaxed with little to no elements that would make it even remotely challenging. Furthermore, it is not long. It states online that it is 8km when in reality it was much less – approximately 5km.

The real draw of the hike is the danger factor. And although there is no real danger associated with this route, it certainly offers a thrill when stepping onto the boardwalk for the first time. Other jaw-dropping moments include crossing the suspension bridge, looking down onto a waterfall, and numerous other breathtaking landscapes to admire.

You won’t be short of photos by the end of the hike, every corner you turn, and every stairway you climb is even more magnificent than the last. We have so many photos of sections of the path that look particularly precarious and daunting.

The only downside of this hike is perhaps the use of hard hats and being set off in a group. It can feel a little bit congested, particularly at the start of the walk and at the suspension bridge. However, that really is a small price to pay for an afternoon of excitement. This alone shouldn’t deter you from visiting El Caminito Del Rey.

If you have any questions regarding the hike, don’t hesitate to comment down below. Furthermore, to discover more about Spain and all the Spanish experiences to be had, click here!


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