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How to Find the Secret Infinity Pool in Snowdonia, Wales

The infinity pool nestled in the heart of Snowdonia is one of Wales’s best-kept secrets. Count yourself extremely lucky if you find anyone on the internet willing to give its location away – and we are no different. However, what we are prepared to do is help ease your search for the elusive infinity pool by giving you a couple of clues.

1. The infinity pool is on the Llanberis pass.

The Llanberis pass is not only a stunning mountain pass but is also home to Snowdonia’s infinity pool.

The Llanberis pass is probably the most vital piece of information you will need to narrow down your search. This is often the only clue given by most people online.

2. The image below

The image above not only showcases the stunning pool but also its proximity to its surroundings. Make sure to take particular note of the house, the curved road, and especially the groomed grass! These things will help you most when you consult a map!

This is the biggest clue to narrow down your search area.

Note: it is easiest to identify the area using the satellite images function on google maps.

3. Use Satalite images to trace the streams

Once you are satisfied that you have located the general area of the pool from the picture above it is time to start following the streams up the mountain using google maps satellite view. This is easily the most tedious part of the process when trying to find the infinity pool in Snowdonia.

Make sure to zoom in as far as possible when following the streams as the infinity pool can easily be missed and blend into the background.

4. The Pool Shape

Image of Infinity pool in Snowdonia national park

The shape of the infinity pool in Snowdonia is obscure. It is not a square or a circle, it actually looks more like a hybrid of an oval and a triangle. The pool is most easily identified by the concrete that forms the edge of the infinity pool.

The infinity pool in Snowdonia should definitely be on your Welsh bucket list. Fair warning – if you do find it, it is extremely cold! This secret landmark is only made more special by the fact that it requires a little bit of work to find it, making the reward of finding it so much sweeter.

It took us well over an hour to locate the pool on google maps, however, if you follow the clues above, it will take you a fraction of that time!

Let us know in the comments below if you would brave the cold and take a dip in Snowdonia’s best-kept secret – the stunning Infinity pool.

Now that you have located the pool (fingers crossed), why not learn about what you can expect to experience when you’re there. The post below discusses some little home truths about this secretive attraction!


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 The secret infinity pool nestled in the heart of Snowdonia is undoubtedly the best hidden gem in North Wales. This post gives you 4 clues on how to find it!  | Snowdonia | North Wales | What to do in Snowdonia | Snowdonias secret infinity pool |


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