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Best Internet Data Sim Card in Croatia for Travellers 2023

In 2023, it is almost impossible to imagine a life without the internet, we certainly can’t (and don’t want to)! Personally, we do not find any joy in disconnecting from the world and switching off our phones, therefore finding reliable internet is key. If you are a traveller in Croatia, we recommend purchasing a local pre-paid internet data sim card as they are reasonably cheap and provide reliable internet throughout all of Croatia… (except this spot, but more about that later).

Where to buy an internet data sim card in Croatia

Sim cards are widely available throughout the country. Even in the remotest small town, you should be able to find one.

You can buy sim cards in newsagents, supermarkets, and shopping malls.

In newsagents and supermarkets, you will typically find the best deals and surprisingly the largest variety of sim cards on offer.

Shopping malls have more specialist shops, such as phone network shops e.g. t-Mobile and Telemach. These shops are designed to cater more to the local population and therefore do not have an abundance of prepaid sims.

What Sim Card is right for me in Croatia?

Depending on how much internet data you use will dictate which sim card will work best for you. Below we have 2 options, one for a slightly lighter data user, and a heavy data user.

Telemach NET2GO

If you are a reasonably light user, and only want to scroll through social media, we recommend a Telemach NET2GO sim card. It offers 20GB of data for 75KN for a period of 30 days. You can purchase this sim card from a Telemach shop, located in shopping malls, and in the centre of most cities.

If you want to reactivate this package for an additional 20GB, this can be achieved by simply texting 20GB to 13888. This costs 70KN.

You can also buy this sim card online. To find out more about this sim card, click here.

T-Mobile Unlimited Data Card

If you are a much heavier internet user in Croatia, we recommend purchasing the T-Mobile unlimited internet data sim card. This sim card provides you with unlimited internet for a period of 7 days. It costs 85KN, however, once the 7 days expire, you will receive an option via text to extend this sim plan for another week for an additional 60KN.

Can I Tether my sim card?

From experimenting with several different internet data sim cards in Croatia, we have discovered that tethering is an option on all sim cards. However, this only seemed to be the case on Android phones. My iPhone would not allow me to tether, despite trying to play around with the settings on my phone. However, this may not be an issue for a more phone-savvy person.

Croatian network dead spots.

We travelled through Croatia extensively for 2 months – exploring many islands, through the mountains, and of course along the coastline, and found that the internet was extremely reliable! There were almost no places that we stayed where we did not receive internet.

However, there was one location. On the southernmost peninsula in Croatia, Prevlaka, you do not receive any internet service. This spot is an absolute beauty and shouldn’t be missed. So if you are like us and can’t imagine spending some time offline – we’ve got you covered!

If you cross the border into Montenegro and purchase a sim card there you will be able to have service in this specific scenic coastal spot!

Our ultimate internet data sim card recommendation for Croatia

As we mentioned above, no sim card is perfect for everyone, however, we truly believe that the T-mobile unlimited sim card is the no.1 choice for anyone wanting needing internet in Croatia. It is fast, reliable, and perfect for anyone who values being connected.

This sim card is great as it can be tethered so you technically only need to buy one for the entire group as there is no data limit!

So whether you are streaming, social networking… or just plain old working, this sim will suit your need perfectly!

For more tips, tricks, and even road trip itineraries for Croatia, click here.

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Discover the best internet data sim card in Croatia for travellers - the perfect, budget-friendly sim card loaded with unlimited data!
Discover the best internet data sim card in Croatia for travellers - the perfect, budget-friendly sim card loaded with unlimited data!
Discover the best internet data sim card in Croatia for travellers - the perfect, budget-friendly sim card loaded with unlimited data!


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  1. Is it possible to buy this sim card and have it posted to Malta please ?
    Or else can I buy the sim card from the airport in Zagreb ?

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