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5 Things to Do and See on Krk Island | Croatia

If you are travelling around Croatia make sure you don’t forget about the fantastic islands. Krk is a quirky little island with a very special charm to it. Krk, also known as the golden island, is the largest of the Croatian islands. It is incredibly easy to access via the very long bridge 20km south of Rijeka.

The island has a magnificent amount of natural beauty and is not to be missed! Below is a list of the things you should do and see on the island of Krk. We recommend staying on the island for a couple of days to really experience everything on offer.

If you plan on wild camping on the island of Krk check out this great parking spot in Vrbnik which is free in the off season.

Beaches In Baška

Baska, located in the southeast of the island is a tourist resort town. Baska has a great variety of fantastic pebble beaches. Some of the beaches are accessible by car however many require a little hike or boat ride which makes getting to the beach all the more rewarding. Much like the majority of Croatia, the sea is incredibly inviting here with gorgeous turquoise clear water. Baska is a bit of a tourist hub, so in the summer months it can get pretty busy with tourists. The promenade is lined with many places to eat as well as the classic water activities such as kayaks and pedalos for rent.

Narrowest Street In The World, Klančić – Vrbnik

Vrbnik sights

Vrbnik is a small picturesque town on the east coast of Krk Island. This was our favourite little town on the Island because of all of its funny little quirks. Vrbnik is home to the narrowest street in the world! At some points, the alleyway is only 40 cm wide. Walking through, you’ll brush both stone walls with your shoulders – it is certainly a unique experience.

The narrow street is located in the old town which is a bit of an uphill hike from the quaint harbour where we parked. The town is built on a cliff almost 50 metres above sea level. The climb to the town is worth it for the sweet little streets with cute stone buildings all around.

While in Vrbnik, be sure to check out the charming little harbour. The most interesting thing to discover here is the hidden beach. Walk through a natural stone archway right beside the harbour and you will find yourself on a private pebble beach. It is like something from a movie!

Mud Bath, Meline Beach – Soline Bay

mud Bath in Soline Bay - Krk Island

When on Krk island, you must visit Soline bay for a mud bath. In the northeast of Krk island, you will find a very special beach named Meline Beach which is located in Soline Bay. This beach is said to have healing powers. The medicinal mud is supposedly very good for easing joint pains.

Here, you will find many people covered head to toe in dark mud waiting for it to dry on their skin. Simply wade out into the shallow, knee-high waters and grab the mud from below and smear it all over your body.

The beach is very shallow, around knee deep for around 100m before it begins to get deeper. The shallow waters mean the water in the bay is pretty warm, especially early in the season when the sea is normally bitterly cold.

Krk Old Town – Historic Centre

Krk old town

You can’t visit the island of Krk without making a visit to the town of Krk. It is a quaint paradise town on the west coast of the island. It is easy to fall in love with this place!

Spend your day strolling along the harbour admiring the fishing boats. There are many restaurants along this promenade for you to dine in and admire the sea view.

Then make your way into the old town; is more than 2000 years old. Much like many ancient cities, the old town is surrounded by grand stone city walls. Wander around the old cobbled streets. You will find lots of different important buildings when exploring there picture perfect alley ways. Every part of the old tow is photogenic with old churches and monasteries as a backdrop.

Visit Biserujka cave

Biserujka caves

Also known as Vitezićeva Cave, the Biserujka caves are a must-see on the island of Krk. These caves are located in the northeast of the island not too far from the bridge to the mainland.

Croatia has many caves dotted all over its landscape, the Biserujka caves are an example of incredibly well-maintained tourist-friendly caves. The caves have been modified slightly for easy navigation with walkways, handrails and steps.

Within the caves, you will find a plethora of stalagmites, stalactites and pillars. The depths of the cave are constantly a pleasant 15 degrees Celsius making the caves a great place to escape the summer heat. The entry cost is 35 kuna for an adult, which is pretty reasonable.

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For more information on the attractions on the island of Krk or to find out more about the island’s rich history, check out the Krk tourism website here.

Krk is a wonderful island with a lot to see and do; you will absolutely find something for everyone here. We recommend touring the whole island over a few days to make sure you don’t miss any of its plentiful charms.

We hope this list helped inspire you to visit this wonderful island and Croatia in general. If you are planning a road trip be sure to check out our guides for other Croatian cities such as Pula.

If you have any questions about Krk island or Croatia travel in General don’t hesitate to ask.

Mainland Croatia is absolutely stunning, but dont forget to check out the gorgeous Croatian islands packed full of natural beauty and charm! Krk is the largest of the Croatian islands, super easy to access and packed full of things to do and see. This is a comprehensive list of all the best things you must see on the island of Krk. This quirky island really has something for everyone and is not to be missed! Croatia | Road Trip | Krk must-see | Itinerary | Vanlife | Croatian islands


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