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View of beach from the spot to wild camp in Miengo, near Santander, Spain

Wild camp in Miengo (near Santander) | Spain

Miengo is a small coastal town located a mere 20km from Santander. Making it the perfect place to spend the night (or two) after disembarking the ferry from the UK. This little-known place is undoubtedly a hidden gem. Miengo is home to golden sandy beaches, rugged crags, and sheltered bays, perfect for paddle boarding! Best of all, Miengo is the ideal location to wild camp! So whether you are looking to soak in the Spainish culture or simply get some rest in a peaceful location – Miengo is the place for you!

Where to wild camp in Miengo?

This perfect park-up is in a tarmacked car park that perches on top of a small hill. It is a 5-minute walk to a large sprawling sandy beach or a simple 2-minute stroll to some sheltered ‘private’ coves. There are numerous walks surrounding this carpark, many of which utilise specifically build boardwalks, which twist through the stunning natural landscape.

This spot to wild camp in Miengo is arguably one of the best we have stayed in. Not only in the region of Cantabria but the whole of Spain. Firstly, although the car parking area is slopping, there are plenty of spaces that are level. Secondly, there are beach showers nearby. This is perfect if you are trying to conserve water, or don’t have a shower on board. There are also bins here, allowing you to keep this spot clean. So this spot in Miengo will be free to wild camp on for the next generation of van lifers/campers! Finally, the outlook of this spot is absolutely stunning. So much so that throughout the day, many locals parked up, just to take in the view for an hour.

Undeniably, the biggest draw to this spot to wild camp in Miengo is the surrounding landscape and nature. Not only are you surrounded by beautiful beaches, but also wildlife. In our short, 2-day stay here, we saw some cows, seabirds, and even a baby snake – all within a 2-minute walk from the van!

Unfortunatley, this spot does have a couple of shortcomings, but by no means dealbreakers. There is no water source, or area to dump grey water. Furthermore, there were no toilets available to use when we visited in October. However, there was toilet facilities near the beach that we believe would be available during the high season. 

This spot is extremely special, perhaps because it feels undiscovered by the masses. Despite its proximity to a large city, it has the charm of a small rural village and the beauty of a national park. In a word, it is perfect!

A collage of images from Miengo. Views from a spot where you can wild camp in Miengo


Pl. Residencial Cuchía, 3B, 39318 Miengo, Cantabria, Spain

43.438236, -4.030407






Beach showers available





signal / 4G

Good 4G and signal.

If you have any questions regarding where to wild camp in Miengo/Santander…or Spain in general do not hesitate to comment down below. 

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