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When is the best time to visit Portmeirion

Portmeirion is a stunning holiday village in the North of Wales, it is also the perfect day trip from Snowdonia. If you are feeling flush, you can even stay overnight in one of their on-site properties. Unfortunately, Portmeirion is not free to visit, but it is worth visiting… if you visit at the best time of the year!

Portmeirion is a fairytale wonderland unlike anywhere else in the UK. This stunning hidden gem is built in a Mediterranean style that is reminiscent of the Italian Rivieria. Who needs to visit Portofino when you can visit Portmeirion, right?

This stunning village is growing in popularity year on year as more people discover it, therefore, it’s not the peaceful retreat it once was. This post explores when the best time to visit Portmeirion is, and is the ultimate guide to beating the crowds!

First, before discussing when the perfect time to visit Portmeirion is, we have created the table below to indicate the pros and cons of visiting during each season.



  • Moderate Temperature
  • Flowers should be begining to bloom
  • Not many crowds


  • Potentially the rainiest season



  • Best Weather
  • All the flowers are in full bloom


  • EXTREMELY busy
  • everywhere crowded, including shoos and cafes



  • Stunning autumnal colours, particualrly in the wooded area.
  • fewer crowds


  • driest season
  • slightly cooler temperature



  • least busy time of year.
  • Stunning if snowing
  • Santa visits over the Christmas period


  • Coldest time to visit – with a possiblity of snow!
  • less colourful flowers to admire.
Image of one of the building in Portmerion. The sun is bright and there are clear blue skies in the background. Is summer the best time to visit Portmeirion? We don't think so
Girl stood amidst the greenery at Portmeirion in Wales, UK.
When is the best time to visit Portmeirion? Definitely not summer!

The BEST time to visit Portmeirion.

We recommend visiting Portmeirion during the off-season (October to April). It will be significantly quieter during this time, compared to the summer months, particularly if you visit on a weekday. Specifically, we think visiting in the months of October, March, or April will be the best as the flowers should still be in bloom and the crowds should be minimal. A win-win situation!

The lack of crowds will not only make the whole experience more relaxed, but it will also allow you to take some creative liberties when trying to get that perfect photograph. You won’t be in anyone’s way and you can really make the most of the freedom. Furthermore, there won’t be hoards of people in the background of your photos.

During the “off-season,” you may even be able to dine at the on-site restaurant without the need to pre-book, something that is virtually impossible during the summertime. You will also have a much more pleasant time browsing the local stores without being crammed into the shops like sardines.

All in all, the experience will be a lot more enjoyable and relaxing during these months, something that is certainly not the case if you choose to visit during the summer.

Image of a girl stood on a balcony in Portmeirion, Wales. This balcony overlooks the central green area and has one of the best views in Portmeirion
Image of a girl standing under an archway in Portmeirion

When NOT to visit Portmeirion

As a result of overtourism, Portmeirion is incredibly busy during the summer months, particularly when school children are on their summer holidays. Unfortunately, due to the crowds, you won’t be able to appreciate how spectacular this stunning village is. There are sprawling lines just to get ice cream or a bite to eat from one of the few eateries. Furthermore, you won’t be able to leisurely browse the giftshops as it can be stressful trying to negotiate around the crowds within them.

Secondly, trying to take a photo without hoards of people in the background is extremely challenging. Sure, not everyone is as vain as us, but part of the draw of Portmeirion is how photogenic it is! But in the height of summer, it is no easy feat to capture a “usable” picture!

Much like any outdoor landmark or activity, when the sun shines kids will swarm the place. This is certainly the case in Portmeirion. Nowhere is this more evident than the centrally located paddling pool. Of course, children are at no fault to utilise the facilities, however, listening to screaming children can wear you down. Furthermore, the water from the pool is often brought down the stairs and onto the grass, making it a little bit muddy. This unfortunately is a bi-product of visiting Portmeirion in the Summer.

Side note: If you have children, we don’t recommend taking them to Portmeirion. Although Portmeirion is beautiful, there really isn’t much there for children to enjoy.

For more information regarding if Portmeirion is really worth visiting, check out the post linked below!

Portmeirion is undeniably stunning, however, depending on when you choose to visit, the overall experience of visiting this stunning village will alter.

If you have any questions regarding Portmeirion, don’t hesitate to ask, you can always find us in the comments section.

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Portmeirion is the ultimate welsh day trip, with so much to do and see, it should definitely be on your UK bucket list. This post explores when the best time of year is to visit the whimsical village of Portmeirion. It is the perfect guide to beat the crowds and get the most your of your visit.  | Portmeirion | Portmeirion day trip | Wales | Welsh day trip | UK day trip | Snowdonia | North Wales.


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