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What to know about Cordoba before you visit in 2023

Once considered the largest city in the world, it is no surprise that Cordoba oozes old-world charm. Cordoba’s rich history is predominantly due to the city being a melting pot of different cultures and religions. This is reflected in the architecture throughout the city and is one of the many reasons to visit Cordoba.

Although conveniently located between Seville and Madrid, Cordoba remains somewhat of a hidden gem. The relatively low amount of tourists that visit Cordoba makes it feel somewhat more authentic and traditionally Spanish than the surrounding cities.

This post discusses all the key information to know before you visit Cordoba.

How to get to Cordoba?

A map showing Cordobas proximity to  Madrid and Seville.

The beautiful city of Cordoba is located in the Andalusia region in southern Spain. It is conveniently located between 2 major cities; Madrid (400km away) and Seville (120km away), both of which are well connected by road and rail routes.

Driving to Cordoba

Cordoba is located on a well-connected network of roads that make driving to Cordoba a breeze from both Madrid and Seville.

The journey from Madrid to Cordoba takes approximately 4 hours regardless if you use toll roads or not.

The journey from Seville to Cordoba takes approximately 1hr 30-40 mins whether you use the toll roads or not.

We recommend avoiding tolls whilst in Spain as they generally do not save you any time when travelling.

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Taking the train to Cordoba

If you are travelling from a major city to Cordoba then taking the train is easily the fastest route. There are high-speed trains connecting Cordoba to Madrid and Seville.

The high-speed train from Madrid takes 1hr 42 minutes. Unfortunately, it can be expensive, so we recommend booking well in advance. The average price of a standard adult ticket if bought on the day is 67€, however, if bought in advance, it can be less than half that price!

The high-speed train connecting Seville to Cordoba takes 41 minutes and costs on average 12€. Once again, this will be less if opting to book in advance.

When is the best time to visit Cordoba?

Cordoba is a city that can be enjoyed throughout the entire year due to its mild winter temperatures and low rainfall. This is typical of the Andalusia region in general. Below is a diagram of the average temperatures (highs and lows) for each month in Cordoba.

A diagram showcasing the high and low temperatures throughout the year in Cordoba, helping you to decide when to visit.

We recommend avoiding Cordoba during the peak summer months (July and August) due to the uncomfortably hot temperatures coupled with the tourist population visiting. It will not be the most pleasant experience, and it certainly won’t feel like you have discovered a hidden gem!

The best time to visit cordoba is during the Spring. It will be significantly less busy, and the weather will be perfect for exploring the city by foot! Furthermore, spring is the perfect season to see why the city has been given the nickname – “the city of flowers”. The plants will be in full bloom and the air will be filled with a zesty aroma. Finally, another benefit of visiting in Spring is that you can experience Cordoba’s traditional fiestas, which usually take place in May.

Note: we visited Cordoba in early February and experienced temperatures in the low 20s without a cloud in the sky – we couldn’t have asked for better weather.

How Long Should you visit Cordoba for?

Cordoba is a popular day trip location due to its convenient location between Seville and Madrid. It’s possible to see the majority of the sights in one day, however, we recommend staying for at least two days.

One day is enough time to wander around the whole city and check out all the fantastic roman architecture, landmarks, and even some of the cuisine. However, adding an additional day to your trip gives you time to truly soak in the atmosphere and get lost in the narrow, colourful streets, and discover hidden gems.

What to see?

Despite being relatively small, Cordoba certainly packs a punch! Due to it having a diverse, interesting history, there is so much to discover and learn here. If you like history, you’ll LOVE Cordoba, and if you don’t like history… you’ll still love it!

Here are a few of the highlights that you can’t miss when visiting this fascinating city.

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Top 5 Things to do and see in Cordoba

Festivals in Cordoba 2022


  • May Crosses of Cordoba – beginning of May
  • Battles of the Flowers – 02/05/2022
  • The Fair of Cordoba – 21/05/2022


  • The White Night of Flamenco – 18/06/2022


  • International Guitar Festival – 1-9/07/2022


  • cabalcor – Cordoba Horse Fair – 15/09/2022


  • FLORA International Flower Festival – 11/10/2022


  • The Fiesta De Los Patios at Christmas – 15/12/2022

Whether you are looking to spend a day in Cordoba… or a little longer, we hope we have helped to inform you about this fascinating city.

If you are still on the fence regarding whether or not you want to visit Cordoba, check out the link below.

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Furthermore, if you are looking for more information about Spain in general, we’ve got you covered right here!

If you have any further questions about Cordoba, leave us a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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A definitive list of everything you need to know before you visit Cordoba. Including when to visit, how to get there, and what to do.


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