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With so much to do and see in this world, why wait for tomorrow? 

Inspiring others to explore and leave their comfort zone through thoughtfully curated guides, reviews and photography.

You can follow the journey of two ordinary sisters searching for more adventure in their lives right here!

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From dreamy beaches to jam packed Vegas casinos. Whatever your preference, we've got you covered. Whether you are looking to plan you're next adventure or just looking for inspiration, you can find insider guides, tip, tricks and annecodes from the road right here!

Christie & emily

about Us

We are pair of extraordinarily ordinary sister hoping to provide you with some handy tips, tricks and anecdotes from our travels. Budget seekers by nature, we explore whats possible for two average girls (on pretty pathetic salaries)! We love action, adventure and learning new things, whether we are surfing in Morocco or snowboarding in Bulgaria we are always looking to push ourselves and inspire people to leave their comfort zones! To find out more out about us (for example, our names!) click the button below, I dare you!


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